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Spring & Fall Maintenance Packages

Can your roof withstand every storm? If you’re not sure, or you have an aging roof that’s been well weathered, have one of our inspectors come out and take a look.

It’s very possible you’re subject to further damage without properly maintaining your roof.

Proactive, preventative maintenance is more cost effective than reactive maintenance.

Commercial Services

Roof Replacement

Ask about our commercial roofing extended warranty. Our team of trained professionals will ensure the job gets done right the first time.


What looks like a minor leak from the inside may turn into something much, much worse. Call us today to ensure the problem gets investigated and fixed.

Preventative Maintenence

Don't wait for something to go wrong - call us to schedule preventative maintenance for your roofing surface.

Tennant Build Outs

Are you adding an addition to your rental unit? Learn how TM Roofs can help ensure your new roof penetration is just as good as if it was part of the original construction.

Helping customers with commercial projects in major metropolitan areas from around the country!

Residential Services

Roof Replacement

Protect one of the most important elements of your home and ask about our 50 year warranty.


Gutters serve several important design aspects to your home. Learn about our new seamless gutters and how they can benefit your home!


Storm damage? Unusual wear? Call TM Roofs to find out how we can fix what is broken at a fraction of the cost of an entire roof replacement.

Moss Removal

Moss buildup on your roofing can be detrimental to the lifespan of the shingles. Call TM Roofs today to prevent further damage and ensure the longevity of your roof!

Snow Removal

New England winters can inflict severe damage on your roof if proper care is not taken. Build up of snow can add dangerous amounts of weight to your roofing structure as well as create ice dams which lead to water infiltrating the walls of your home. Call TM Roofs to have our experts safely and properly remove snow and ice from your roof.